Once your payment has been confirmed by our team, we start processing your orders. Generally the processing consists of inspection. we inspect the watch for 24-48 hours and then we pack it and ship it. We usually use EMS(Postal Service) and DHL/Fedex. EMS shipping is offered free on all orders whereas for DHL express and Fedex we charge $30.

ETA for EMS shipping is 15-20 days and for paid shipping it is 9-10 days maximum. In case of specially requested and custom orders sometimes there may be instances where we may not be having the watch available with us which can take longer than usual and our executives will inform you beforehand in such cases.

Customs Clearance

We have been shipping super clone watches Worldwide for years and we have had 0 seizures in customs. All countries understand that these are just super replica watches of big luxury brands and they cause no harm to anyone people buy it for their own use. It also depends how experience, talented and smart the sender is, we have been doing this for years and we know all in and outs of the system.

How much customs duty to pay?

You don’t even have to pay customs duty if you import the watch in Australia, United States and Canada, Israel, UK and African nations. We generate invoice of lower value for declaration and based on that we exempt you from paying tax.

For EU countries things are slightly different.

As of 1st July 2021 imported items worth as low as Euro 1 are taxable.

Even if we can to exempt our EU customers from paying customs duty, we won’t. Why?